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                            Senior Pastor David & Linda Siczko

            Rev. David A. Siczko has been a Pastor for over 37 yrs.  He is known as “Pastor Dave.”  His personal desire is to serve the Lord as long as he is able …by serving God’s people.  His late father, Rev. Alexander I. Siczko who was the Pastor of the Good Shepherd Bible Church in Chicago for over 57 years used to say “I’d rather burn out then rust out!”  When he was 80 yrs old he asked his son if he wanted to be the Senior Pastor and Pastor Dave replied “No Dad! Just keep on preaching as long as you make sense! I will do all of the running around.” The Lord graciously took him home in his sleep, still sharp minded and filled with the Spirit of God almost 86 yrs old.

Pastor Dave left the business world in late 1975 and started in the ministry in January of 1976, as part time Youth Pastor at Good Shepherd under his father. His educational background is decidedly not theological.  He attended Northeastern Illinois University from 1967 to 1971, graduating with a B.A. in Economics.  He then attended the University of Chicago Business School from 1972 to 1974, graduating with an M.B.A. in Finance and the goals he had set for his life, were making him miserable.  At a corporate gathering, he called his father and told him that he had decided to follow in his footsteps in the ministry, as his grandfather prayed for just prior to his death many years before when Pastor Dave was about 10 years old.  Pastor David told his father “Everything I have wanted money for, I already have.”

In 1977, Pastor Dave was accepted into a four year internship program with the Assemblies of God leading to the license to preach in two years and full-ordination at the end of the fourth year.  During this time he took Bible courses at the Assemblies of God, Berean Correspondence School to fulfill their requirements.

Pastor Dave taught Economics at Northeastern Illinois University both part time and full time until 1991.  During this time he was accepted into the Economics PhD program at Northern Illinois University.  He pursued his degree for two years part-time but chose to give it up, due to his responsibilities at Good Shepherd.  In the summer of 1979 Pastor Dave became an Assistant Pastor at Good Shepherd upon receiving his license to preach and later in 1981 he became an Associate Pastor just after his formal ordination by the Illinois District of the Assemblies of God.

He not only worked as an Associate Pastor side by side with his father, but he was also as the Director and Principal of the perish school, Chicago Christian Academy from 1979 until the ownership of the school was transferred to the Evangel Assemblies of God on Diversey Ave. in 1991. He became the Senior Pastor upon his father’s passing in November, 1996.

Good Shepherd began with Rev. Alexander on 745 N. Paulina, from moved from1956-1958.  In 1958, the church moved to 6435 W. Belmont. In 2002 the church moved to Lake Zurich, and then on to a brand new multipurpose Worship Center in Lake Zurich in June of 2003. In October of 2011, we were given a former Italian Pentecostal church by the graciousness of the Congregation. After extensive renovation, Good Shepherd Christian Center opened with a Resurrection Service on October 28, 2012.  Pastor Dave and his wife Linda live in Round Lake Beach, IL. 



    Linda Siczko
                      Director & Overseer of Children's Education                
                                            Missions Director
      Sunday School Teacher

Born in Chicago, Linda is the daughter of Pentecostal parents, and has one older brother, Stephen. They grew up in store front churches and then family spent several years at Calvary Deaf Assembly, where she and her brother learned Signed Exact English (Sign Language). At 16 had a Sunday School class for 2-3 year olds at Century Assembly of God in Mundelein. She graduated from CLC in 1985 as a Practical/Vocational Nurse, worked in Geriatric Nursing for several years and Alzheimer Administration. Linda currently works as a Licensed Coder/Auditor /Educator in Medical Records as a Government Employee.

She and the Pastor were married in June of 2009. In addition to each having one attendant standing up with them, there were 10 kids in their wedding ranging in age from 18 months to 15, they were the children of Sunday School and of close friends.
God, family, the children and friends; that was the theme of their wedding.

She and the Pastor have a heart for Missions, especially kids and teens. “The kids and teens come first. We grownups are older, a little or a lot more seasoned and have had our day and our foundation set, but we need to focus and make sure the younger ones get fed, spiritually and physically, and equip them to pass the torch to them.
Teens are at points where they need direction in their lives; some are at crossroads with life making decisions. Too many kids and teens on the streets with nothing to do, thinking no one cares, making wrong choices. We just want them to know that we care and how much they mean to us and especially to God. The children are the heart of the church.  It’s very different today compared to when I was growing up in the church. In many churches, now, most of the kids do not come every Sunday with a two parent nuclear family. They come with one parent, grand- parents or alone on the bus picked up by a transportation ministry. “

“I would like to eventually see all the kids and teens get involved in praise and worship, and/or behind the scenes at GSCC, I do not want to discourage that, and that it’s not just for grownups. They are interested in different instruments, so we will encourage them in the areas they feel like they want to do. I would like to encourage the kids here in our church to be a part of Missions outreach to other kids in this country and around the world who are hurting.”

“Pastor and I are so proud of the kids; we have a great group of kids. I believe I am one of their chief champions besides Pastor Dave and our teachers. I admire their energy and enthusiasm, and tender heart. We love to hear them come flying in like gang busters!  These kids are all very dear to me and the Pastor.”

Nacido en Chicago , Linda es hija de padres pentecostales , y tiene un hermano mayor, Stephen . Crecieron en tiendas iglesias delanteras y luego la familia pasaron varios años en el Calvario Asamblea Sordos , donde ella y su hermano aprendidas Signed Exact Inglés (lenguaje de signos ) . A los 16 años tuvo una clase de escuela dominical para niños de 2-3 años en la Asamblea Siglo de Dios en Mundelein . Se graduó de la CLC en 1985 como una enfermera / profesional , trabajó en Enfermería Geriátrica durante varios años y Administración de Alzheimer. Linda trabaja actualmente como Licenciado Coder / Auditor / Educador en Registros Médicos como empleado del gobierno .

Ella y el Pastor se casaron en junio de 2009 . Además de cada uno con un asistente de pie con ellos , había 10 niños en su boda con edades comprendidas entre 18 meses y 15 , que eran los hijos de la Escuela Dominical y de amigos cercanos
Dios, la familia , los niños y los amigos ;
ese fue el tema de su boda.

Ella y el Pastor tiene un corazón para las misiones , especialmente de niños y adolescentes. "Los niños y los adolescentes son lo primero.
Nosotros, los adultos son más viejos , un poco o un mucho más experimentado y han tenido nuestro día y nuestro conjunto de fundación, pero tenemos que enfocar y asegúrese de que los más jóvenes se hartan , espiritual y físicamente , y de prepararlos para que pasar la antorcha a ellos.
Los adolescentes están en los puntos en que necesitan dirección en sus vidas ; algunos son en los cruces con las decisiones de vida haciendo . Demasiados niños y adolescentes en las calles sin nada que hacer , de pensar a nadie le importa , la toma de decisiones equivocadas. Sólo queremos que sepan que nos preocupamos y lo mucho que significan para nosotros y sobre todo a Dios. Los niños son el corazón de la iglesia . Es muy diferente hoy en día en comparación a cuando yo estaba creciendo en la iglesia. En muchas iglesias , ahora , la mayoría de los niños no vienen todos los domingos con una familia nuclear biparental . Ellos vienen con uno de los padres , abuelos o solo en el autobús recogido por un ministerio de transporte.

"Me gustaría ver que con el tiempo todos los niños y adolescentes se involucran en la alabanza y adoración, y / o detrás de las escenas en GSCC , yo no quiero desanimar a eso, y eso no es sólo para adultos. Ellos están interesados ​​en diferentes instrumentos , por lo que las alienten en las áreas que se sienten como que ellos quieren hacer .
Me gustaría animar a los niños aquí en nuestra iglesia para ser parte de las misiones de alcance a otros niños en este país y alrededor del mundo que están sufriendo " .

"Pastor y yo estamos muy orgullosos de los niños ; tenemos un gran grupo de niños . Creo que soy uno de sus principales campeones , además de Pastor Dave y nuestros maestros. Admiro su energía y entusiasmo , y tierno corazón. Nos encanta oírlos vienen volando en como busters pandillas ! Estos chicos son muy queridos para mí y el Pastor " .



                                                            Pastor Rodolfo and Marissa Ludeña 

Rodolfo Ludeña is the Spanish Pastor at Good Shepherd Christian Center. He has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ over 50 years ago.

Pastor Ludeña graduated from Loyola University in 1967 as Surgeon Dentist and practiced his profession for many years, until the Lord called him to full time ministry and left his job to devote himself to the Church. Rodolfo studied under the Reverend David Wilkerson, as well as international Gospel Assemblies, located in Desoto, Missouri.

Rodolfo Ludeña es el Pastor español en El Buen Pastor Christian Center. Él ha estado predicando el evangelio de Jesucristo hace más de 50 añosPastor Ludeña se graduó de la Universidad de Loyola en 1967 como Cirujano Dentista y ejerció su profesión durante muchos años, hasta que el Señor lo llamó al ministerio a tiempo completo y dejó su trabajo para dedicarse a la Iglesia. Rodolfo estudió con el Reverendo David Wilkerson, así como internacionales Asambleas del Evangelio, que se encuentra en Desoto

, Missouri.


  Kathleen Steiner 
                                Worship Leader/Director of Music                                                                     Sunday School Teacher

Kathleen’s ministry is devoted to bringing God’s people to a place of worship.  At the age of 5, Kathleen felt the Lord call her into the music ministry. She began singing and playing the organ in church. She knew this is what she would do for the rest of her life. From there, she went on to play the piano, guitar,and upright bass. Kathleen was a member of Church of God Cathedral in Chicago with her parents from the time she was baby through her early 20's.  She holds those tender years close to her heart.

Kathleen and her mother visited Good Shepherd many times when the church was on Belmont Ave.  Kathleen also attended school at, Chicago Christian Academy with Principal David Siczko. In the mid 1990's, Kathleen joined the worship team at Good Shepherd Bible Church, which is now Good Shepherd Christian Center.  Kathleen says, "I never thought the man that gave me demerits for chewing gum would wind up being my Pastor someday." 
 Kathleen has performed with many Christian, Bluegrass and Country artists  such as Sandi Patti, Steven Curtis Chapman, Ron Kenoly, The Isaacs, Doyle Lawson, and HEE HAW cast members to name a few. Kathleen loves Gospel music and loves the inspiration and ideas that she gets from her favorite artists Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp and Donnie Mcclurkin.
 Kathleen says "I really love playing Gospel and Contemporary music but I will never forget the simple songs that I grew up with in church like 'Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus is to me', and He is Lord.  It's not always about having the most contemporary songs during the worship service, it's about being in the presence of God. If you come to our services, it doesn't matter if we have 20 people or 100 people, God is working on hearts. I believe in blended worship and it thrills my heart when the worship team has no clue that the "new song" that they are learning is really from 1965 with contemporary chord progression (LOL)! I love when we open the alter before we even start the sermon. I promise you will feel like you are in an "on fire revival service" and  will be blessed! 
 Kathleen and her husband Bobby along with their 3 children Cody, Logan and Heavenleigh live in Chicago. Kathleen and Bobby enjoy home schooling their children through a Bible based curriculum that challenges their children to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, incorporating the character traits of the Lord.
 For more information about getting involved with TransFormed worship team, please go to our contact page.

El ministerio de Kathleen se dedica a traer al pueblo de Dios a un lugar de adoración
 A la edad de 5 , Kathleen sintió que el Señor le pone en el ministerio de la música . Ella comenzó a cantar y tocar el órgano en la iglesia. Ella sabía que esto es lo que iba a hacer por el resto de su vida. A partir de ahí , pasó a tocar el piano , la guitarra y el contrabajo . Kathleen era un miembro de la Iglesia de Dios Catedral en Chicago con sus padres desde el momento en que ella era bebé a través de sus primeros 20 años . Ella tiene esos tiernos años cerca de su corazón.

Kathleen y su madre visitaron Buen Pastor muchas veces cuando la iglesia estaba en Belmont Ave . Kathleen también asistió a la escuela en Chicago Christian Academy con el director David Siczko . A mediados de la década de 1990 , Kathleen se unió el grupo de alabanza en El Buen Pastor Iglesia Bíblica , que ahora es buen pastor del Centro Cristiano . Kathleen dice: "Nunca pensé que el hombre que me dio deméritos de la goma de mascar acabaría siendo mi Pastor algún día. "

 Kathleen ha tocado con muchos cristianos, Bluegrass and Country artistas como Sandi Patti, Steven Curtis Chapman, Ron Kenoly , The Isaacs , Doyle Lawson y HEE HAW miembros del reparto para nombrar unos pocos . Kathleen le encanta la música Gospel y le encanta la inspiración y las ideas que ella recibe de sus artistas favoritos Fred Hammond , Marvin Sapp y Donnie mcclurkin , Marcos Witt y Danilo Montero .

 Kathleen dice " Me encanta jugar Evangelio y la música contemporánea , pero nunca voy a olvidar las sencillas canciones que crecí en la iglesia como" maravilloso, maravilloso de Jesús es para mí ' , y Él es el Señor. No siempre se trata de tener la más contemporánea canciones durante el servicio de adoración, se trata de estar en presencia de Dios. Si vienes a nuestros servicios, no importa si tenemos 20 personas o 100 personas, Dios está trabajando en los corazones. creo en el culto mezclado y se emociona mi corazón , cuando el grupo de alabanza no tiene ni idea de que la " nueva canción" que están aprendiendo es realmente a partir de 1965 con la progresión de acordes contemporánea (LOL ) ! me encanta cuando abrimos el altar sin siquiera haber empezado el sermón. te prometo que se sentirá como si estuviera en un " en el fuego, servicio de avivamiento " y será bendecido !

 Kathleen y su marido Bobby junto con sus 3 hijos Cody, Logan y Heavenleigh viven en Chicago. Kathleen y Bobby disfrutan de la educación en casa a sus hijos a través de un plan de estudios basado en la Biblia que desafía a sus hijos a desarrollar una relación con Jesucristo, que incorpora los rasgos de carácter del Señor.

 Para obtener más información acerca de cómo involucrarse con el grupo de alabanza transformado , por favor visite nuestra página de contacto


    Miguel & Cheryl Russell

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
– Matthew 28: 19,20
Miguel and Cheryl Russell have been heeding the call to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need, in order that they may come to put their trust in God, through Him to receive Him as their Savior and serve Him as their King. They minister through one on one personal witnessing to small groups and ministering to congregations throughout the City and suburbs as well. Many people have accepted Christ through their evangelistic efforts. Miguel and Cheryl are so overjoyed with the life they have in Christ, that evangelism is not a routine activity but a daily lifestyle. They pray for the sick, minister in song, and preach the Gospel and are loved wherever they go. 

When they are not at their home church, they join us in ministry. Cheryl sings with Transformed worship team when they attend service at Good Shepherd Christian.  Miguel often ministers to the congregation as a guest speaker with an old fashioned message that delivers the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth.
We are truly blessed to have them join us in ministry.

Por tanto, id y haced discípulos a todas las naciones, bautizándolos en el nombre del Padre , y del Hijo , y del Espíritu Santo, y enseñándoles que guarden todas las cosas que os he mandado . Y he aquí yo estoy con vosotros todos los días, hasta el fin del mundo " .

- Mateo 28 : 19,20

Miguel y Cheryl Russell han sido prestando atención a la convocatoria para presentar el Evangelio de Jesucristo a los más necesitados, a fin de que puedan llegar a poner su confianza en Dios , por medio de él a lo reciben como su Salvador y le sirven como su Rey . Su ministro a través de uno a uno el testimonio personal para grupos pequeños y ministrar a las congregaciones en toda la ciudad y los suburbios también. Muchas personas han aceptado a Cristo a través de sus esfuerzos evangelísticos . Miguel y Cheryl están tan contentos con la vida que tienen en Cristo , que la evangelización no es una actividad de rutina , sino un estilo de vida diario .
Ellos oran por los enfermos, ministro en la canción , y predican el Evangelio y son amados dondequiera que vayan.

Cuando ellos no están en su iglesia local , se unen a nosotros en el ministerio. Cheryl canta con grupo de alabanza Transformado cuando asisten a un servicio en El Buen Pastor cristiano.
Miguel menudo ministra a la congregación como un invitado con un mensaje anticuado que entrega la verdad , toda la verdad y nada más que la verdad .

Estamos verdaderamente bendecidos para que se unan a nosotros en el ministerio. 



George & Linda Cavanaugh 
                                     Linda - Sunday School Teacher
George - Mr. Fix it!

George and Linda Cavanaugh are servant hearted people.  Linda is one of our Sunday School teachers. George is a Master Chef and when he is not running errands for the church, you will find him in the kitchen along with his wife Linda preparing incredible meals for church fellowship functions. They also do many things behind the scenes such as running errands and taking elderly church members to various appointments and shopping trips.  If it's broken, George can fix it! They also work hard at keeping our church clean and bless us with beautiful floral arrangements made with love by Linda who is an avid crafter. 

George and Linda have 2 children Heather Whitlock and Jason Cavanaugh.  Heather is a very creative chef and caters many events for Good Shepherd.

Heather is also a great party planner for children and has created many fun events for the children. Heather and her husband James have 3 children.  Jason Cavanaugh served as PFC in the United States Army.  He resides in Volo Illinois with his wife and 2 children.   

George y Linda Cavanaugh son sirvientes personas de buen corazón que conducen nuestro Ministerio de Transporte . Linda es también uno de nuestros maestros de escuela dominical . George es un maestro de cocina y, cuando no está conduciendo la furgoneta de la iglesia , se le puede encontrar en la cocina junto con su esposa Linda preparar comidas increíbles para las funciones de iglesia de la beca . Ellos también hacen muchas cosas detrás de las escenas , como hacer mandados y teniendo miembros de la iglesia de edad avanzada a varias citas y viajes de compras . Si está roto , George puede arreglar! También trabajan duro para mantener nuestra iglesia limpia y nos bendicen con hermosos arreglos florales hechos con amor por Linda que es un artesano ávido.

George y Linda tienen 2 hijos Heather Whitlock y Jason Cavanaugh .
Heather es un chef muy creativo y abastece muchos eventos para el Buen Pastor.

Heather es también un gran organizador de fiestas para los niños y ha creado muchos eventos divertidos para los niños. Heather y su marido James tienen 3 hijos. Jason Cavanaugh sirvió como PFC en el Ejército de los Estados Unidos.
Él reside en Volo Illinois con su esposa y 2 niños.
                                      Paul & Vanessa Babicz

Children's Church

Paul and Vanessa have been involved with Children's Ministries since the 1990's. They have 4 Children, Nicia, Antoine, Jamina, and Ariel, and 3 grand children. Ariel aka D.J. Air, is the sound tech for the children's service.
Paul y Vanessa han estado involucrados con los Ministerios de los niños desde la década de 1990 . Tienen 4 hijos, Nicia , Antoine , Jamina , y Ariel , y 3 nietos. Ariel también conocido como D. J. Aire , es el técnico de sonido para el servicio de los niños.






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